Drs Hainsworth, Purcell & Jamieson inc.

*Drs Hainsworth, Purcell & Jamieson inc. are specialist anatomical pathologists located in KwaZulu Natal South Africa.

testing lab


    Routine Histology
  • small diagnostic biopsies (part of lesion)
  • small excision biopsies (entire lesion)
  • small and large regional or organ resection specimens
  • antibody mediated detection of cellular markers
    Frozen Sections
  • diagnostic procedure usually in operating theatre during time of surgery
    Post Mortems
  • assessment of possible cause of death
  • pap smears
  • smears from other epithelial surface
  • body fluids:
    • urine | sputum | CSF | pleural fluid | abdominal fluid
  • fine needle aspirate :
    • thyroid | breast | liver | other tissues
  • liquid based cytology (ThinPrep) :
    • Cervical (pap) smears | fine needle aspirates