Drs Hainsworth, Purcell & Jamieson inc.

*Drs Hainsworth, Purcell & Jamieson inc. are specialist anatomical pathologists located in KwaZulu Natal South Africa.

Our couriers collect daily from doctors throughout the greater KwaZulu Natal region. These couriers have dedicated routes for collection and delivery of specimens and reports. Areas of collection are shown in the map below.

Our routine collections are Monday to Saturday mornings. After hour and Sunday collections can be made upon request as long as specimens are preserved in formalin or alcohol.

testing lab


    Routine Histology
  • Formalin (10% formaldehyde)
    Urgent Histology
  • As above but inform the laboratory, as these may undergo microwave processing
    Urgent Microwave Section
  • Arrange with laboratory
  • Never place in formalin or saline
  • No preservative required
  • Pap and other smears
  • Fix with Cytofix spray
  • Fluids and liquid based specimens - submitted in Cytolyte (liquid-based cytology preservative fluid)
  • Do not place in refrigerator
    Special Request
  • Electron microscopy - call lab (gluteraldehyde)
  • Immuno-flourescence microscopy - call lab (Mitchell's Medium)
  • Testicular biopsies (normal formalin)
  • Renal biopsies - call lab
  • Muscle biopsies - call lab